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  • A closer look at – Focal Fossa

    Ubuntu 20.04 LTS is here to stay On April 23rd, ubuntu released the latest major LTS update. First of all the name is better than “Bionic Beaver”. I wouldn’t say Focal Fossa is a good name but it is better. The focus for this release is performance and stability. I took the desktop version for […]

  • WireGuard vs OpenVN

    ARS Technica benchmarked them a while ago and saw a 6x performance increase with WireGuard. You don’t need to be a data scientist to see the difference here. I have been using ipSec for a while and in a lot of cases the only way to actually get things done is disconnecting from the VPN […]

  • Nvidia Cuda for Machine Learning

    Nvidia Cuda for Machine Learning

    It is 2020. We all need to face the music and stop coding like it is still 2014. If you are not integrating AI and ML into your workflow. The guy who is will crush you in the marketplace. Machine learning is here to stay, new products based on machine learning are hitting the marketplace […]

  • 0-Day Linux Threat Utilizes a Unique Method of Hijacking

    In this article we will provide a deep technical analysis of a new and fully undetected Linux threat named OrBit. General Information: Linux is a family of operating systems that typically run on the Unix-like set of computers, including the GNU and Linux operating systems. It is often described as a kernel or all-in-one package […]