Nvidia Cuda for Machine Learning

It is 2020. We all need to face the music and stop coding like it is still 2014. If you are not integrating AI and ML into your workflow. The guy who is will crush you in the marketplace. Machine learning is here to stay, new products based on machine learning are hitting the marketplace and some of them are already causing a storm of success. Last year FaceApp was one of the most popular apps in the marketplace and what a lot of users didn’t realize is that the only reason it was able to do what it did was pure machine learning.

OK so what is the best tools for developing a product based on AI? I don’t know but a few things are clear you are going to need a lot of computing power, and this is where Nvidia CUDA comes in.

The Rise of the GPU

Nvidia has documented raw performance increases of 2x to 12x using CUDA. Additionally, with the right libraries that take advantage or CUDA’s architecture there are even further performance enhancements possible. Here is a quick example of getting started with running CUDA in the cloud:

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